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The loft, accessible via the ladder, is above the garage.

The TV can be viewed from the garage too.

Mom and Don are looking things over in the living/dining area.

There's a real hide-a-bed in the sofa!

A full patio screen pulls down so we can leave the big...

There's a second entry through the garage.

The truck is a 2008 Ford 450 King Ranch

It has heated seats, dual temp controls, moon roof and lots of...

This is cool! If I ever need to get in the toolbox...

After having a great lunch at the Mine Shaft Tavern and finding there was still time for another side trip, we decided to drive to Moriarty to see Excel's Wild Cargo. We became aware of this toy hauler earlier in the year and after a posting in the" target="_blank">irv2 forum
stating there was one in the lot at RV Sales in Moriarty, we had to see it. Mind you, we have seen many of these in the past and strongly believed that they did not fit our fulltiming lifestyle. However, as satisfied customers, we were very curious about this new product in the Excel entourage yet remained cautious about seeing it.

Surprisingly, we were very impressed with the layout. There is a loft above the garage which is perfect for visiting grandkids, especially since it has an outlet for a TV or MP3 player! The TV in the living area is on a swivel so it can also be viewed from the garage where golf clubs could be stored too-yeah!! The kitchen is on a large slide which provides a bigger area for cooking and fridge raids. I love it! The bathroom is completely enclosed and contains a storage closet that is wired for a washer/dryer.

Well...we bought it! After pondering it over for a whole 2 days, we signed the infamous dotted line and committed to the purchase. Heck, maybe we should be committed! This is kind of scary because we hoped to retire debt free but now we will have a toy hauler payment and a new truck payment. Yep, our Dodge just isn't big enough for this new task. Wait...wake me up...this has got to be a dream!?! No, I'm not dreaming. The reality is that we will now have a place to haul/store our Honda Valkyrie so we can get back to riding; but the one glitch we still have is how to get it to us since it is currently in a real garage in Colorado.

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