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Yesterday was a busy day for us. We had our morning coffee outdoors. While we sat in our lounge chairs, one of our neighbors, Barb, walked by with her little dog, named Lizzie. Barb stopped to talk for awhile. She and her husband, Gale, own a Mobile Suites and are parked on a lot they purchased last year, just down the street from us. Nice folks from Nebraska.

I had to go inside to get ready for softball practice and Marilyn wanted to get started on juicing the grapefruit we had picked off the tree which is beside our rear window.

The grapefruit is so sweet that we don't add sugar or anything. I will show you a couple of pictures Marilyn took while she was working with the grapefruit.

Ron, Bob & another guy showed up and away we went for ball practice. There were 18 guys there so after some batting practice we divided into two squads and had a game. Lots of fun and good excercise. I must admit that I have discovered a few sore muscles this morning.

After practice, Marilyn prepared a couple of small pizzas using tortillas for the crust. They were really good! Then it was time for a shower, followed by going outdoors to relax in the lounge chair with a margarita, the sunshine, nice breeze, and a good book.

Marilyn joined me and we simply enjoyed the good life.

We still have to marvel at the life we are living. Being retired and a full-time RVer, living in a beautiful resort, with nearly perfect weather all the time, good friends nearby, and the ability to do whatever we want to do, whenever we wish, is just amazing!

The cell phone makes it possible for us to stay in touch with Jennifer and we speak with her several times a day. Really great!

Our friends, Dan & Pat were expecting friends of theirs to arrive in the afternoon, and were hosting a cocktail party at 4:00 PM. That is the normal time for us all to begin a cocktail party, but Marilyn thought it was supposed to begin at 5:00 PM, so we were just sitting here relaxing when the phone rang and Pat asked "Where are you"?

We hustled and walked down the street carrying lawn chairs, camera, and a plate of snacks. We were greeted and introduced to Ted & Sue, who seem very nice. We had good food, good wine, good conversation and perfect weather. Once again, it doesn't get any better than this!

We wandered back to our RV when it became dark and began to get cool.

Marilyn and I watched a little TV before going to bed to read for awhile. We slept with the windows open again and were awakened this morning by a bird we had not heard before. It made a wolf-whistle kind of sound.

So we are up and at-em this morning and I just can't wait to see what this day has in store.....

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