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Oh boy. WHere to begin this one. We hired an air conditioned van to drive us 2 hours to a port. AC is so wonderful because it is so bloody hot. Anyways, we stopped for a bit of lunch. I had fried rice and a large beer- $115 baht. That's about $4 US. Food is so cheap, fresh, and good. In the middle of lunch it started to rain very hard. I saw it coming and went to the van and broke out my emergency rain poncho and umbrella. LOL. Everyone else was getting wet but me :) We arrived at the port to take a longtail boat (a wooden boat with a diesel crappy motor- very rough and not comfortable) to the island where we currently are. It was still pouring. So we had an hour long boat ride in the rain.

We arrived at our island (and the rain stopped) which was one of the ones hit hard by the tsumami. OMG! Let's just say recovery is slow at places that are not touristy. It is so poor here. Trash everywhere. Buildings flatenned. Chickens and goats running everywhere. We tromped through the mud for 2.5 km to get to our bamboo huts. We were warned about rats, snakes, and such. This is the part of the trip where I start to appreciate many many aspects of my life. We are so lucky to have so many things. Seriously.

I won't even begin to describe the bamboo huts we are in except to say it's rough. I've never got to sleep in mosquito netting before! I'm kinda ready for my 4 star hotel in Bangkok but that's not for 3 more days! And I still have to go camping. Errrr.

So I sat and walked on the beach and watched the sun set. I thought about a lot of things and about how lucky I am to have such good fortune and good people in my life.

Okay, gotta go eat some dinner. The I'm gonna drink me some Thai whiskey to help put me to sleep because it's gonna be hard without any AC :)

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