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View from the $6 bungalow

The Treehouse Guesthouse on Lonely Beach

Oh, yeah... easy rider

my escape raft

boat in Ko Chang harbor

Thai BBQ

Hanging out at the Treehouse on Long Beach

Escaped to the island of Ko Chang after Bangkok, en route to Cambodia. Ko Chang is a large, mountainous island with 4 or 5 main white sand beaches. After one night on Lonely Beach, which was not-so-lonely due to the rapid tourist development on Ko Chang, I escaped to the southern enclave of Long Beach, which takes about an hour to get to on the motorscooter I rented. There is one guesthouse there, Treehouse, where I met a good group of other travelers and caught up on some reading and formulated a plan for Cambodia.

Once again a little lighter in the wallet as I took a little spill on the motorscooter and had to shell out $60 dollars for damages, despite my negotiating skills. As for me, in case you were wondering, I'm fine except I'm now lacking the tip of my right big toe. New equation I learned: Winding roads + slick pavement + darkness + slick tires + blind curve = ditching a motorscooter. It could have been worse, and I do count my blessings. Apparently my week of living dangerously in Thailand continues. I'm sure things will be easier in Cambodia.

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