Jim & Sheri's Adventure 2007 travel blog

heading out from Madrid

nice views

this great walled city shot outside of Avila

fields and vistas

small towns

foothills of the Pyrenees and we cross into the Basque country of...

impressive peaks

Northern coast heading into France

St Emilion waiting for the celebration

aah... fireworks to music

try again

Happy Bastille Day

This is the longest travel day so far and one Sheri was most nervous about. The three trains would take us from Madrid to a small town a half hour east of Bordeaux. We would have to be on trains for over 11 hours and make one conection with only a few minutes to spare.

We left our hotel about 9am and since this was our third night there we knew exactly where to catch the subway for the train station. We were early so we had a chance to sit at a high table in front of a coffee shop and watch the hundreds scurry about in this very nice station. I walked down the concourse and found a souviner of the city. Their symbol is a bear eating the fruit of the El Madrono tree and another ornament for the Christmas tree.

The train trip was nice/uneventful and we got to watch Secondhand Lions twice in Spanish. I was also able to collect 3 more RENFE train earphones as gifts...nice. The pictures tell the rest of the story of a lot of open space and beutiful vistas from a speeding train. Each connection was made and soon we were departing the train at St Emilion but we were not in a town.

We stood wondering where the town was and soon put it together and headed the 1.7k walk into town and to our hotel. We walked with two others from the train, one wheeling a suitcase. The walk was great past farm and vinyard. Once in town the uphill climb began. Along the way we saw Police turning traffic and had no idea till we arrived at the hotel that a grand fireworks display was planned for Bastille Day.

We checked into our hotel room with a nice view of the backyard vinyard and went 200ft up the road to a high spot open area on the top of a wall where we, still unsure of what was to happen, waited with a growing crowd. Old and young, families, friends gathered laughing talking and I did not understand a word. Occasionally I would smile the smile of one being friendly but oblivious to everything. That is until the fireworks started and oos/aahs are very much universial.

The music echoed throughout the medival streets as the fireworks lit up the town. They even shut off the streetlights for the show. The whole event was so well done I felt as if I was standing in Disney World watching the their production. A fine top to a blessed travel day. Welcome to France!

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