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Dinner with the Csilliks in Hajdunanas

Nick possibly ruining Canada's sporting reputation by playing some serious men's league...

Kyla and Julia in Debrechen

The downtown of Debrechen

The Reform church in Debrechen

Out for tea and coffee with Tomasz and Julia (who was taking...


We had a wonderful time in Hajdúnánás with our hosts, the Csilliks (Balint, Julia, Balint, Matie, and Tomasz - excuse any misspellings!)

We were given a grand tour of the town and the area, including Debrechen, the second largest city in Hungary. We even appeared on Hajdúnánás Television, as special guests, talking about our year around the world. We also spent some time with the students of one of the elementary schools - you can see lots of pictures in the next entry.

b>Hajdunanas Television - Nick writing

We were invited to go to Hajdunanas by a wonderful family we met on the Istanbul to Budapest train. It is a small town in the east of Hungary, and we thought it would be great to see some of the countryside that wasn't visited by tourists very often.

At least, until a day or two before leaving for Hajdunanas, when I started to get the willies. Not that there was anything to be nervous about - I'm just the kind of traveller who gets nervous about completely new things ("Bravo", I can hear you saying, "for choosing to head around the entire world for a year". Well, my nervousness in new situations is one of those things I was hoping to work on through our trip).

What I started thinking was "this is how lots of bad movies begin, or how those stories in the Lonely Planet start out ... we went to visit a family that we met on the train."

Anyway, I was nervous before we arrived, but that all disappeared after we arrived. the Csilliks were such a wonderful family, and we had a great time in Hajdunanas (though finding it from the train was a bit worrying, as we passed through about a dozen towns that all started with Hajdu_, causing many panicked moments in our cabin). I played men's league football with the father and middle son (Ballint and Matie) and didn't injure myself. I also didn't mention to them when I said I liked football that the last game I played (before Istanbul) was when I was 13. We got tours of both Hajdunanas and Debrecen, and we visited Tomasz' school, where we got the royal treatment.

We also were on local TV.

Much of the communication between the Csilliks and us was a mix of Hungarian, English, German, and sign language. We didn't really get the idea that Julia had organized a reporter to come and interview us at the school until the night before, which meant we had little time to get nervous. We answered questions about our trip, and then spent a great hour and a half with the kids from two classes, answering questions and asking our own. We did disrupt the school day, though. Classes were rearranged so that they could visit with us, and gym class was changed up so that I could play football with the kids in the schoolyard (as they were a mix of 12, 13, and 14 year olds, it was much more my pace).

They said they would mail us a copy of the tape, and we look forward to viewing it, possibly with our Hungarian friend Katalin, so that she can tell us what we said after it was translated.

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