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A note from Jill:

I have always wanted to see Kansas. If you've ever been to Kansas, you might be asking yourself a big "wutfour"? Maybe it's due to my fascination with Tornados. Maybe it's due to my love of the movie, Wizard of Oz. For whatever reason, I've just always wanted to know whether or not it is really as flat and boring and "nothing" as everyone says it is. Guess what!? Everyone is right! Now, I thought I had seen flat nothingness while driving across the Nularbor in Australia from Melborne to Perth. Nope. There was more to see during the great Austrailian continental passage than driving across Kansas. There really isn't anything out there with the exception of dry, flat land and an occasional sad, little town. With all due respect to the folks who are from there and who currently live there, there really isn't any reason to visit or drive through Kansas if you don't have to. Even Dodge City was a bust. Now, I don't mean to sound so negative. Let me think of something nice to say. Ummmm....hmmmmm....oh, I know...the BEST thing about Kansas is that Colorado is on the other side! ;-)

Sorry, Toto. I can see why Dorothy wished for somewhere over the rainbow.

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