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Now this is a place that was not high on Tom's list to visit, but very high on Jill's list. And a visit to Cape Cod means at least a day at Martha's Vinyard, which was even lower on Tom's list. So....

We loved the place. Granted all the tourists go home after labor day and the price of accomodation is sinfully low. Martha's Vinyard is not this snobby, pretentious place - OK, there a probably a few areas like that, but most of the island has a country feel and many roads are unpaved. A cyclists paradise, as long as you didn't care about going up and down any hills.

We did the bike path along the Cape Cod seashore as well, and spent a day in Provincetown, with our own personal tour guide, Billy Carter. No not the former president's brother, but a guy who had difficulty stopping talking. Fortunately, we did not have to say a thing (not even to correct him that my name was Tom, not Alan)as he showed us some sights of P-town that we would have never seen on our own. Thankfully, by the end of the tour, he needed to move onto his next activity and we were left speechless and awestruck.

Go to Cape Cod, just do it after Labor Day


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