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The view

Mal, Kristy, Dillon and Cooper

Hallstatt in the shadows


Grundlsee is on a small lake in Central Austria. We spent three great days with Mal, Kristy and their friends. The scenery is stunning and the friendship fantastic. We spend each night playing Balderdash well into the night. Spend the days walking and visiting towns around the area. Again it is a public holiday weekend (All Saints Day) and we had no idea. The photos tell a much better story than anything I can write here. We do discover Tauplitz or "Top Lake" to us. The Nazi's hid their gold and treasure at the end of the war. Yes, they have recovered gold and banknotes, so is not just an urban myth. Each summer a new expedition is launched into the depths to see what else they can find.

The food is great and we try all the traditional Austria dishes. The lake is famous for sibling fish and is a delicacy on the menu.

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