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Detail of Ceiling of Les Jacobins, Toulouse

Mimi's Gite - Garden

Mimi's Gite - Barn

Mimi's Gite

Mimi's Gite - Dining Room

Mimi's Gite - Clark lays a fire

Mimi's Gite - Cali

Brasserie le Daroles

Clark (L) and Keith (R) at lunch in Auch

Auch - Fountain detail

Auch - Memorial to the Dead of the Resistance

Auch - Landmark Building on Cathedral Square

Auch Cathedral - Chapel

Auch Cathedral - Altar within Choir

Fortified Hill Town near Auch

Southern France

Mimi's Gite - Window

St Giron's Market

St Giron - or Mendocino?

Artisan Breads

Mendocino - or St Giron?

Cheese and sausages

Salat River - St Giron

Avenue of Poplars outside L'Isle en Dodon

Pere Noel & the Elusive MImi

Greetings -

Photos are up for all the trip segments!!! Always a good excuse to do the happy dance.

Looks like I just missed the countrywide state of emergency in Georgia. I'm afraid life here is much less exciting, but 'tres jolie', as Francine likes to say

You probably won't recognize many names here. But at least the places themselves are much more similar in content to the places I visited last year.

L'Isle en Dodon - Staying with my friends Keith and Clark at Mimi's Gite. A chance to sit by the fire, upload photos, wash clothes, and do all the mundane little tasks that are so easy when you're in one place for a few days. And of course I plot the next trip segment. Hmmm, where would you not suspect I'd go next?

Sit by the fire, feast on duck breast grilled over the embers; play with Cali, the new calico cat; Gordon Lightfoot and Joan Baez, Sinatra and Goodman on the stereo. In the mornings drop down by the Cafe de la Paix and chat with Francine, the owner, over a cafe creme.

Check out the Good Life at

During the week we also managed to make it out into the countryside to visit a few sites. On Wednesday, Clark and I went into Toulouse and went to one of my favorite churches - Les Jacobin - austere, but the light coming through its windows and falling onto the walls is very special. Thursday we went to Auch, D'Artagnan's home town and ate a splendid lunch before visiting the Cathedral there. The French countryside is lovely this time of year. There's still a lot of Autumn color even though it finally dipped to freezing over night.

On Saturday we headed south toward the Pyrenees and the town of St Girons on the Salat River. The town is famous for its Hippies who moved here after the Paris riots in the late 60's. They have their own economy and don't use Euros. Great cheeses and pastries and oysters and pates and artissan breads and ....

I recently ran across an interesting web-site - It seems that Rick Blaine, owner of Rick's Cafe in Casablanca is unhappy with our current administration. I may just have to drop in and chat. Hear they have a great piano player. And maybe Ilsa has a friend.

Ca va? Formidable!

The Geezer

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