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Just a short note on our budget! We have not done a good job econimizing as much as we probably should but considering the conditions in most of these countries: food scarce in quality,quantity, and variety...gas for running their run down vehicles is costly...the accomodations since Morocco have not been the choicest and little competition, that is there have been few to choose from...and the dollar value has eaten away some of our budget...I think we are doing fairly well. I would say we are closer to $700 to $750 a month rather than the $600 we had anticipated. Of course, this does not include optional expenditures, just overnites, food, transport, visas, and the occasional graft payment for being rich white folk(sort of like an added tourist tax, ha!).

Considering that it is difficult to find food on the street that we trust other than bread, we have eaten mostly in restaurants or what they call restaurants (Im not using the quotes here because I cannot locate the right key, thus I end up typing more explanation than I need to).

Also, I have used my water filter 90 percent of the time saving $$ and plastic, Jake and Mari have relied more on bottled water and Bon about 25% bottled.

As Jan the Czech Aussie says, vehicles arrive in N. Europe, then are sold in E. Europe, then resold in N. Africa, then head S. ending up here where they eventually(altho these guys can fix almost any mechanical part in these vehicles) end up going to China as scrap! So you know they arent the most efficient and the pollution from these engines is sometimes a bit much! I must say tho that the taxis here in Guinea Bissau look much better than even many in Morocco by and large.

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