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Yesterday was a busy day for us. We awoke to what looked like a cloudy day. In fact, all day long, we thought it might storm or at least rain a bit. There was no rain or storm or anything, just clouds. The clouds even parted much of the time, to give us more sunshine.

After our morning coffee we dressed and decided to go to the Don-Wes flea market. I purchased a tool to clean out the hot water heater and two door latches. I need one latch to replace a broken one and wanted to keep one for a spare.

Next stop was the Farmer's Market, but we didn't need any fruit or vegetables, being fully stocked up at this point.

Marilyn made a stop at a Bathing Suit Shop where she bought two bathing suits for $5.00 each. I know what you are thinking, but she only wants them to wear to the pool to sunbathe. She has a good one but doesn't like to wear it all the time. I don't know if I will ever completely understand my lovely wife. :)

Next stop was Wal-Mart once again. This time we bought more groceries and I picked up a ball glove. I am going to play on the slow pitch softball team here and I have no idea where my old ball glove is. It is probably back in the storage shed on the farm in Missouri.

After we returned to the RV and put the groceries away, I started working on getting our replacement DISH receiver connected and working properly.

I hooked everything up and did the tests required, only to get a message telling me that I wasn't authorized, so I called the DISH network and talked to a computer, which is a very frustrating experience. Finally I got the option to speak with a person for technical assistance. This person was probably in India or somewhere like that. He certainly had a thick accent! Anyway, he updated our account info and said that he was starting our service. He assured me that we would have service within 15 to 20 minutes. Right!!!

35 minutes later I called DISH again, spoke to the very nice computer, and finally reached a different technician. This one was English speaking and he told me that the last person failed to get the signal sent to begin our service. He took care of things, told me that we would no longer be able to get the local stations from our previous service because we had changed our zip code. He changed our monthly charges to a lower amount, and told me that we would have service within 15 to 20 minutes. Right!!!

I watched the screen as the messages changed to reflect the changes taking place out in space somewhere. Finally I saw a screen which informed me that we were not connected to a phone line. I couldn't get rid of that message no matter what I did. I had told the technician that we were living in an RV and had no phone line connected.

I called the friendly DISH computer again! This time, they changed our account once more to reflect that we had no phone line connection. That costs more for some reason. At least it took care of the message. I waited another 20 minutes and then the TV actually received a picture. At Last!

I have to call DISH again. I miss talking to that computer! I want to get local stations from somewhere so that I can record programs, like the football game which will be on today, while we are in Mexico. I also would like to see the guide, especially for the movies which we can get from cable here in the resort.

After all of this work, I may decide to simply ask the DISH network to put us on "Vacation" status until we return to Missouri in the spring. Sigh.....

Marilyn and I just received our debit cards from our bank in Missouri. Now we can use those, just like writing a check. I just have to remember to put the amount spent into our check register. :)

I have rambled on long enough this morning. It is time to take our coffee outdoors, sit in our lounge chairs, and watch this little part of the world wake up. It looks like another beautiful day outside so it is time to get started. I just can't wait to see what this day has in store.....

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