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Hi everyone ~

Where to start - Australia has been amazing - as you can tell, I have not had time to write in the blog - on the go constantly.

We arrived in Sydney, spent two nights there and saw the main sights - the Opera House, the famous bridge, and several beaches. The first day there we went on a beach tour with the hostel we were staying at which reminded me so much of the days living in San Diego. It was so great to be back on the beach! The woman at the hostel travel agency was great, she gave us all kinds of information and got us set up with flight reservations, bus tickets and tour packages.

Off we flew to the Sunshine Coast. We were so glad that she suggested the flight, the bus would have taken us hours and hours. We got to our hostel in Noosa in the evening and wandered around the streets and discovered that we were staying on the most expensive street in the area. Crackers & cheese and a beer on the beach or a $20 cheese pizza? You guess what the answer was!!

While walking through a National Park there in Noosa, we got to see a Koala bear sleeping in one of the trees. It was wrapped around this very thin tree limb, with the wind blowing away - sleeping and swaying away! It was really cute. The National Park was really nice, a great walk along the ocean, with beaches that we could climb down to with very few people!

While there we went on a tour of Fraser Island. It was another great trip with a fantastic guide. We swam in in three different lakes, drank the best fresh water I have had from a stream, saw all kinds of wildlife. We met a woman about my age, probably younger, from England who had just sold her house and all she owned and started traveling for a year, all over the world. Now that is bold!! She was having a great time.

We spent another night at Noosa and then got on a bus at 9:30 in the morning, arrive in Hervey Bay around 2:30, got back on a bus at 5 for the rest of the night, arriving in Airlie around 6:30 in the morning. Most of our overnight bus rides have been uneventful, but this one was far from that. It was Halloween night, not sure that had much to do with it, but they said it did. We pulled into this town around 11 at night and as we rounded the corner for the bus stop, we all heard a big pop and Frankki jumped out of her seat. Something had been thrown at Frankki's bus window and the entire window shattered, still intact, but with all those spider webs throughout. I was sitting in the seat behind her. She was not hurt, but glass had shattered all over her. After 30-45 minutes or so, they found another bus and we were headed for the bus. Well, one bump and the window started falling out. It was really weird. About that time this whacko young woman started talking that the reason our bus was hit was she had a rich ex-husband who had taken her kids and he was out to get her. It was the weirdest thing, everyone just sat there and looked at her. We get out new bus, driving down the street about 3-4 blocks and the very same thing happens again, same window, same side. Then she really starts going on about how it is all about her. At that point I decided to get out and talk with the bus driver and ask him what he was going to do about all this. He says to me that the bus was hit by prankster kids, on Halloween. As I am talking with him, she comes flying out of the bus yelling at me that she had not said anything that I said she said. It was bizaar to say the least. We all get back on the busy, the hole still in the glass, this time it had not shattered, and off we go, headed for Airley Beach. Even with all the craziness, I was still able to get a little bit of sleep on the bus. It was certainly excitement we did not need!!

Continued on next entry!!

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