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Woolloomooloo Wharf

Sydney Skyline

Some Building I find Visually Unappealing ;)

Drinking Fountain from 1889

Typical Garden Walkway

Love these trees!!

Opera House, Harbour Bridge and North Sydney

Loads of Ferries

Thursday Nov 1

Today is a somewhat rainy cooler day, just the kind of weather I like! Some sun, some clouds, about 74 degrees. I hauled myself to the gym this morning and had a good upper body workout. Afterwards, I set out on a walk around the coast near downtown.

As I walked from my neighborhood, the first thing I came upon was the wharf at the end of my street

that you saw in the distance in another photo. It houses an upscale hotel, many fancy restaurants and some condos. After passing the wharf, I came upon a view of Syndey's skyline

, which for my eye is not very appealing. Three buildings in particular

could be scrapped and started again in my own aesthetics opinion.

After about five minutes of walking, I hit the Royal Botanic Gardens, which front Sydney harbour on the east side of downtown. The first thing I came upon was this public drinking fountain

that is over 100 years old and fully functional. I passed on taking a drink :) You can stroll down many different paths

, and the one I took led to a massive and beautiful example of my favorite kind of tree here

. After I hit the coastline, I followed it back towards downtown and was greeted with this view of two icons Sydney is known for

, the Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Bridge. You can actually climb along the top of the Harbour Bridge, which I could see some ant-like figures doing. Doing that didn't really interest me...I prefer climbing hills in nature instead.

From there, I left the gardens and followed the water to Circular Quay Railway Station to catch a train. By the way, the word Quay is pronounced Key and is used to denote a street by the water. The train station sits right adjacent to the six ferry terminals

, which made for fun viewing of their comings and goings while I waited for the train.

I spent the afternoon at Bondi Beach looking at sculptural art and natural beauty. I will upload those photos and the description of my experience tomorrow.

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