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Djemaa el-Fna at sunset

Marrakesh: Entering the depths of the Souqs

Marrakesh: Djemaa el-Fna at dusk

Marrakesh: Anyone for sausages ???

Marrakesh: No soup for you!

Marrakesh: The crowds are starting to build

Marrakesh: Freshly squeezed OJ and Moroccan Whisky (Mint Tea)

Marrakesh: Mosque at sunset

The epic journey from Gibraltar to Marrakesh wasn't too bad, all things considered. Everything went like clockwork... that is, till we got on a slow boat (to nowhere for as it decided to leave 2hrs and 20 mins after the scheduled time) across the Med to Morocco.

We arrived in the port city of Tangier safe and sound, then headed on an overnight train to Marrakesh. We shared a couchette (compartment with 2 bunk beds) with another couple. It was a very enjoyable experience as it was both comfortable and quiet!!

Refreshed and ready to take on our first city in Morocco, we headed straight for the old part of the city -the medina. The ramparts surrounding this area were impressive, and though we arrived early in the morning, the place was buzzing with people. We quickly found a cheap and cozy hotel off one of the streets by the massive main square (Djemaa el-Fna), dropped our gear, and set off for some yummy mint tea to warm our bones. It was pretty cold out.

Later on, we decided that there really was no way to "ease" our way into the Moroccan experience, so we headed for the souqs (markets). We soon confirmed what we had read in the guidebooks about the VERY eager salesmen, and the labryinth of streets these places are made of. We kept our wits about us, had some good laughs, smelled some lovely spices (and had a LONG lesson on ALL the different spices available in the souq) and made it out without going to a carpet store!!!!! YAY!!!!!!

In the evening, the main square came alive with entertainers, food vendors, and people (where did they all come from?!). We had a great time eating at the different stalls -grilled kebabs of chicken, minced lamb (kefta), beef, and spicy sausage (merguez).

It's been pretty cold out today -so cold in fact, that we have decided to nickname this trip 'Lam and Egg's Freeze Your Jubblies Tour 2005'.

Gonna go put on our woolies now.

Maybe we'll tackle some carpet stores tomorrow ;)

PS: ARGH French keyboards!!!!!!!!!!

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