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So after spending a night on a train I would be lying if I said I was in a super big sight seeing mood so I decided to go on a sneaky private Swiss bank hunt. I took a picture of this road that's lined with luxury shops. Rumour is that the entrances to the banks are all along the street and the vaults filled with all sorts of goodies are under the road. You could almost say its paved with gold.

Number of Sneaky Swiss Banks found = 1

Number of Police Offices found wearing eye liner = 1

An interesting ratio? I agree.

I'm happy to report they also have Starbucks in Switzerland but you have to pay with more funny money, Swiss Francs. They actually have 5 franc coins and half franc coins and I think the exchange rate with the euro is around 1.5 francs per euro, but I'm not really sure. Probably should've researched that one before arriving.

I also toured around the Lake a bit and because it was still early when I arrive the lake had this really haunted look to it and its really long so you can't even see the end in the distance. And! They have swans everywhere! Write that fact down ladies and gentlemen.

Anyways my trip to Zurich was short lived but enjoyable. I elected to head back to Paris earlier than later to get ready for the EUROMASTER. Hope you're all looking forward to updates on that.


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