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So I'm not sure if I mentioned this in my Prague entry, but on one of my wanders around the city, actually right next to the main train station, I saw people doing drugs. I know I know shocking! But they were actually injecting drugs into some guys neck and this other group of people injecting were doing it literally 10 feet from a group of school children and I would be lying if I didn't say this completely freaked me out, so I decided to head to Vienna instead of down to Budapest as originally planned because Chris had to go back to Paris and I didn't want to be in Budapest with just another girl. Sooooo I took a train to Vienna and oh am I glad I did.

Vienna is an amazing city. They have this huge long shopping road with atleast 8 Starbucks. And these Starbucks were the first one's I'd seen since leaving Spain - a very welcome commodity. I think I may have drank 3 in one day but who's counting really. Anyways after you walk the whole length of the shopping street you arrive at what's called the ring road. All the old parts of Vienna are built in this centre area and you can just wander around this ring road and see everything. They have an old palace and a new palace and a whole quartier dedicated to museums. I didn't actually go to any of the museums because I only had one day to see Vienna but I would love to go back. I also found out on that there is a UN headquarters in Vienna so I hopped on the metro and went and did a tour and it was sooooo cool! I had no idea they had a head quarters there but it turns out the Atomic Energy group and the Industrialization association is also there. The architecture of the buildings is so amazing. They're built so almost every office has a window and no building casts a shadow on any other building. We also got to see the conference rooms that you would've seen in the interpreter movie. Oh and if anyone has dreams of being an interpreter it turns out you only need to be fluent in at least 3 of the five official UN languages and one of those has to be your mother tongue. I think I might go into that. I've already got English. Two more languages? No problem!

From Vienna I got on a night train to Zurich. Night trains are quite the experience, you get a bed and breakfast in the morning but if they just didn't wake you up 5 times in the night I think everyone would be a whole lot better off. Oh and I walked in on the steward in the bathroom. Well less walked in... he just didn't close the door while he was peeing. Awkward.

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