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Hey All!

Prague was quite the adventure. It all started off by me having to head to Paris the night before (unbelievable!) because Chris didn't want a repeat of me missing the plane to Rome... I can't imagine why he thought that would happen!

Anyways, the airplane was the late one this time and we ended up having to stand on a bus packed with people right outside of the airplane for 15 minutes and it was pretty much awful. Then we got on the plane and got the special treat of sitting on the tarmac for another hour but somehow our plane landed "on time" so I actually think the airline planned this. Getting from the airport in Prague was no small task because we had to take the bus to the metro to our hostel and we had to get "Prague money" which are called krowns (hope I'm spelling that right) and basically its 30 krowns to a euro which means you can take out a 1000 krown bill and its really only worth 33 euros but you feel so rich and thus sooooo cool. They have coins for anything less than 100 krowns. So if you give in a 100 krown bill you only get coins back which is highly disapointing.

Prague is really beautiful but it's the kind of city that almost needs to be grey and foggy out to really appreciate it. Call me crazy but barbed wire and sunshine just don't seem to go together. Prague didn't let us down though and I think in the entire 3 days we were there, although it didn't rain I think we had a total of 20 minutes of sunshine (don't worry I took pictures to prove it).

I did feel a bit let down by the shopping in Prague. I had high hopes, being Eastern Europe that everything was going to be ridiculously cheap and that was really not the case. Well food and beer was gloriously cheap especially compared to France where you can pay like 10 euros per drink in a club. In Prague it was like a euro a beer!! But some stuff like Lacoste cost even more in prague and shoe sizes are sooo messed up! Instead of using the European sizing system, they use the British (why they have their own shoe size system I will never know). Anyways I like to say I have giant man feet. They come in handy with the soccering and all, but I'm always at the top end of the shoe size spectrum and in Europe especially I seem to only fit the absolutely biggest size. Now Praguians (is that even a word?) seem to be a taller people than the French however I highly doubt that you find feet significantly bigger than mine. In Prague I could fit into children's size shoes. I found the most perfect pumas and they were puma jrs and I fit. Size 6. Please explain this because it makes NO SENSE.

I went to the National Museum in Prague, which had the most, amazing collection of jewels (like huge diamonds) and I also visited the castle. Naturally I have started my latest planning as to how I can marry into the royal Czech family although I have yet to confirm they exist. Oh and at the castle I went into one of the towers that used to be used as a jail and actually saw all sorts of the torture devices they had and even a beheading block and axe. Really lovely.

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