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Site #485 with the white motorhome on it

Our waiter at Little Italy

Pat & Marilyn

Ed & Dan

Dan & Pat

Marilyn & Ed

Ron singing for us

Yesterday was another fine day here in our little piece of paradise. We slept in as most of you know, and awoke to clear skies, warm temps, low humidity and very lttle breeze.

Marilyn and I had our morning coffee outdoors, sitting in our lounge chairs.

Later we walked around, stopping by Dan & Pat's place to say hello, then to see site #485, which will be the site for some friends we met in San Antonio shortly after we became full-timers. Bob & Janet will be here from Dec 17 to Dec 27th. They are from Georgia and have a motorhome. We look forward to having a game of Mexican Train with them.

In the afternoon yesterday, I layed down on the bed to read for awhile, fell asleep and had a nice nap. When I awoke it was time to get ready to go out with Dan & Pat. We were going to Little Italy, which became our favorite place to eat when we were here last winter.

Ron & Nancy own the place. They have done a renovation on their building and it is beautiful. As usual, the food was delicious. Marilyn and I both had lasagna, while Pat had eggplant parmasagna and Dan ate the Tuscan chicken. We had a glass of wine (Except for Pat, who doesn't drink alcohol) and listened to Ron entertain us with his singing.

Ron came over to our table to say hello and welcome us back, and seemed delighted when he learned that Dan & Pat were from the same area in St Paul, MN as he and Nancy were from.

We all had a wonderful meal, enjoyed the company of each other, and came back to the resort knowing that we had shared a wonderful evening.

We have a few pictures to post for you. I wanted to photograph site #485 for our friends, so that is included, as well as pictures taken at Little Italy last night.

Today is another day to look forward to. I will have the MRI today. Dan is driving me to Edinburg for that. Marilyn is going along of course. I have never had an MRI before, so I really don't know what to expect, but I imagine things will be just fine. I promise to let you all know when I find out the results.

It is a bit foggy this morning, but I anticipate that the bright sunshine will burn the fog off in short order. It is going to be another beautiful day and I just can't wait to see what this day has in store.....

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