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Marjorie at Piano

Marjorie's House in the Rain

Today it has rained all day, so I didn't go anywhere until late this afternoon. I caught up on some reading. Rainy days seem good for that. I hope there will be enough rain to break the drought in this area.

Around 3:30 my friend, Marjorie, picked me up. We went first to the grocery store to pick up some snacks and then went to her house to just sit and chat. It was good to catch up on a few of the events in our lives. Her husband, Tom, visited a minute and then went into the garage to work on his latest project. Their son and daughter, who were teenagers the last time I saw them, are married now and have two children each.

For dinner, Marjorie took me to a sushi bar and grill. It was good. I hadn't eaten that type food in a long time. I brought home half of it for lunch tomorrow.

Marjorie and I met in the early 80s on a holiday Monday. It had been raining steadily since Thursday, as I recall, and didn't stop until mid-afternoon on Monday. By then everyone had cabin fever! I decided to go to the Bicentennial Garden and saw Marjorie sitting on a bench there. We started chatting and were still there more than three hours later. We pledged to keep in touch and so we have.

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