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Inside the Basilica

The outside grounds of the Basilica

Mariachi group at Mass




Yesterday morning we awoke to another awesome day. The sun was shining bright, with very nice temperatures, a nice breeze and low humidity. I know you may grow tired of me saying that, but the weather here is so very nice. That is why we enjoy returning to the valley for the winter.

After our morning coffee, we waited until about 8:00 AM to call Pat & Dan, to ask them if they would like to ride to church with us. They told us that they would like that, so we picked them up a few minutes before 10:00 AM and drove to the Basilica for Mass.

To the delight of all of us, we discovered that the mariachi group was doing the music. It was awesome!! What a beautiful service!

I was thinking about how wonderful the music was, and what my thoughts really are about Mexico, etc. I don't usually speak of these things in my journal but I do want to say a few words about my thoughts in this area.

In this age of immigration worries, I do want to say that I am opposed to illegal immigration. Anyone who wants to live in our country, obey it's laws, and be a productive citizen should be allowed to come to this country. But they should do it legally. Our government could do more to speed up the process for legal immigration. And no one who is in our country illegally should receive any benefits like drivers license, social security, free medical care, free education, etc. And especially they have no right to vote!

However, I believe that any Mexican citizen who comes to our country legally should be welcome. They are good people, they have a wonderful culture, great food and music, a hearty work ethic, a strong faith, and contribute much to the good of the rest of us.

OK, that's all I will say about that subject.

After we left the Basilica, we drove to several places looking for a place to have lunch. Most of the nice places to eat here are closed on Sunday, but we ended up returning to Mingo's for lunch.

The girls had roast turkey and dressing while Dan had country fried steak and I had roast beef. We all had the potatoes & gravy, except for Dan who doesn't eat gravy, green beans, a carrot salad, and desert which was cheesecake. Oh yes, it cost $6.95 each.

It was a delicious meal!

After dropping Pat & Dan off at their place, Marilyn and I went to do our grocery shopping. It seemed that we needed everything.

We got our groceries put away, changed into shorts and sandals, and went outdoors to relax with a good book, in the sunshine.

We had asked Dan & Pat to come on by for a cocktail around 4:00 PM and they drove up shortly after that. We enjoy them so much. They seem to be just like us. I know, that is a scary thought. :)

We showed them our Mobile Suites and sat outdoors with a cold drink until the cool breeze drove us indoors.

After Dan & Pat left, Marilyn and I watched a little TV, then I went to bed to read for awhile.

I do want to say thank you to those good folks who wrote with kind thoughts, wishing me well. I want you to know that I felt just fine all day yesterday.

When we awoke this morning, it was 67 degrees inside and 56 outdoors. It is going to be another wonderful day.

We are going with John & Carol, over to Mexico for lunch and to do a little shopping today. I don't have anything else planned so we will just have to wait to see what this day has in store.....

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