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one of many hands around town

I liked these hands that tell about Berea

Boone Tavern (Daniel passed through this area)

Is this Puff?

Who can resist Chicken Flakes in a Bird's Nest?

First, let me say that I had a great time with my mom, sister, brother-in-law, niece, and great nephews in Versailles, IN these past two weeks. We did a lot of baking and cooking, believe it or not, but I won't say how successful we were or weren't with various things. Suffice it to say my sister and I understand why we aren't cooks!

My sister has a "new" part chihuahua dog who barked like crazy when Mom and I first arrived, but who grew to love to see me before a week had passed. Her name is Sugar and she is a sweet thing. She and my Mom now agree with my friends in Florida that I should get a small dog to travel with. While I am in one spot, I agree with them, but while I am traveling and exploring and not caring when I get back to camp or if the RV is too hot or too cold, I think it's not time yet to have that responsibility.

Okay, today's story. It only took a few hours to get to Berea, which is in the middle of Kentucky. I picked this place because I needed to stay in Kentucky since I haven't visited this state yet. Also, I didn't want to drive too far so that I didn't have to leave early. I had a nice pancake and sausage breakfast late this morning and the temperature had a chance to warm up so that I could hook up the car without freezing my fingers.

Come to find out, Berea is the arts and crafts capital of Kentucky and there are alot fo stores to look in. I visited a store where the owner makes corn shuck dolls and weaves alot fo things. She showed me how she operates one of the looms in the shop. Her husband came in and worked another complicated one and was really fast at it too. I don't have far to go tomorrow, so I will visit more stores in the morning. I especially want to see the dulcimer maker at work.

I went to Berea College and found that there are more stores there. Boone Tavern is there, operated by college students. To be a student in this college, one must be quite poor and get in via scholarship (their tuition is paid for by the town I think), attend fulltime, and work part time to earn money for books and things. So, that, and the fact that they serve "Chicken Flakes in a Bird's Nest" convinced me to eat there. The meal was very good and the waiter (student) was excellent. I tried some spoonbread which is like cornbread with eggs and butter in it - I liked it so I know it's fattening!

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