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Yesterday was a very quiet day. We had our morning coffee, defrosted the fridge/freezer, and then put on bathing suits and walked to the pool. We sat by the pool, reading, and then met some nice people who live here all year round. Marion & Miriam met each other when they worked at the B-25 plant in Kansas City in 1943. That makes them in their early 80's as near as we can figure, although neither one of them looks that age.

After they left the pool, John & Carol arrived and we visited with them for a while.

As we walked back to the RV, we noticed that several new arrivals had come in. A 5th wheel and another travel trailer, both from Minnesota, were parked on the east side of the new section. We guessed that it will begin to fill up soon.

After lunch, we decided to just take it easy, read our books, and spend a lazy afternoon just doing whatever we wanted to do.

I read for awhile, took a short nap, and then rode the bike over to check our mail.

We talked to some friends on the phone and talked to Jennifer several times.

I finally got a bit more ambitious and connected the printer to the computer, took care of some business, went outside to dump the holding tanks, relaxed some more in the lounge chair, with a glass of wine, and in general just vegged out.

Oh, it wasn't all relaxation. I did make out a "to do" list, as I sat in the lounge chair, in the shade, with a glass of wine. :)

Usually when I make out a "to-do" list I end up putting something on it that I have already done that day, just so I will have something to cross off. Have you ever done that? Well, I avoided doing that on this list, so we are starting today with nothing crossed off. :)

In the evening, Marilyn fixed a large salad for dinner, we watched some TV, including the movie, "Blood Diamond" and then turned in for the night.

We did close all of the windows in the RV last night, and it is 65 degrees in here this morning, although it is 52 degrees outdoors. We may have to wear a light jacket this morning, when we go out. :)

We have a fairly busy day planned for today. I'll let you know tomorrow, how this day went. But for now, it is time to get started.

I can't wait to see what this day has in store.....

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