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Breakfast is served

Inside Mingo's

Parking area

Great Egret

Some of the pelicans



Marilyn at the Alligator Pond

Ed on the new bridge

Moon over the Palm at our site

Yesterday we awoke to very cool temps once again. Each morning we tell ourselves that "tonight, we'll close the windows before we go to bed", but we always leave the bedroom windows open, unless it is raining.

It was only 55 degrees outdoors yesterday morning, so we sat in our recliners drinking our morning coffee and talking about different things.

We made the decision to go out for breakfast, to a place John & Carol told us about, called "Mingo's". We knew where it was and drove right to it. We sat in a booth and ordered juevos rancheros for breakfast. Wow, was it good!

That was a super tasty breakfast and we have a few pictures taken there to post for you this morning. We are going to Mingo's again on Saturday morning, this time with a group of permanent residents here at Llano Grande.

After breakfast we returned to the RV, put on bathing suits and walked to the pool. We layed in the sun and I got in the water to swim a bit. The water was very warm and it was so nice that we hated to leave, but we don't want to over do the sun thing.

John & Carol drove up in their golf cart before we left the pool, and we all agreed to go to Mexico on Monday, for lunch and to make a tequila run. :)

One of the funny things which happened to me yesterday involved the variable tint on my glasses, and the "Croc" shoes I wore to the pool. The shoes have air holes on top, over the arch of my foot. When I get in the water I put my glasses inside my shoes for safe keeping, and did that as usual. When I got out of the water, we gathered up our things to walk back home. As I started to put my glasses back on, I noticed that there appeared to be a discolored spot at a different location on each lens. I tried to wipe it off, rubbing both sides of my lens with my T-shirt. No help. I then thought that the tint was coming off on each lens and began to panic, before common sense prevailed and I realized that the sun had been shining through the holes in my shoes, and the tint on my glasses was responding exactly the way it should. Another "Stupid attack" for me.

Marilyn and I changed into shorts and walking shoes, then decided to visit the bird sanctuary, so we drove over there. It is a couple of miles to drive there, even though it joins the boundary of the resort we live in. There is a big fence so that we cannot walk from our resort to the world birding sanctuary. Otherwise we wouldn't have to drive at all to get there.

We walked around the sanctuary for nearly two hours, climbing up on the levee to see the hundreds of pelicans and wood storks which are here at this time of year. We also walked across a new bridge to the alligator pond, but didn't see either alligator this time.

We finally returned to the resort late in the afternoon, and sat outdoors in our lounge chairs, reading for awhile.

It was time to watch "Survivor" and the world series by the time we came inside and fixed a bite to eat.

It was nearly midnight when I turned out the light and fell asleep, but Marilyn was already sound asleep by that time.

It had been another wonderful day. We look forward to more adventures today, but at this time, I have no idea what we are going to do. That is one of the things I love about this life style. Just living in the moment.

But you know me, whatever happens, I just can't wait to see what this day has in store.....

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