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Decided to go to Cedar Breaks National Monument today. However, we first went through Red Canyon on Scenic Byway 12. These were very nice and worth the drive. Probably could have found enough to do here to spend an entire day but we did not stop. Probably should have considering what we ran into on the way to Cedar Breaks!

Traveled along Utah 143 to get there. Not the best decision we have made. It is at 10,000 feet elevation. It had snowed and the road was messy in quite a few spots. The wind was roaring through the area and it was freezing. All the visitor services were closed at Cedar Breaks (not even any bathrooms!) - just the road was open.

There was a five mile scenic road through it. First stop was Chessman Ridge Overlook. It was so cold we did not stay out there. We looked, took pictures, and hurried back to the car. Moved on to Sunset View. It gives a good view of the colorful canyon. Again it was so cold, we did not take very long. Final stop was Point Supreme. It was a panoramic view of the amphitheater. This was the coldest spot of all and the wind almost blew us over. I basically covered my face up and left just enough room to barely see through. We decided that was enough of that and headed back towards the motorhome. Wish it would have been nicer so we could have hiked a little but it was definitely not going to happen today!

We made the return trip via Highway 14 and Highway 89. Passed Navajo Lake. This is a lake that does not have any outlets other than underground. It seeps into the ground and comes out later as Cascade Falls. We saw a sign for Cascade Falls and decided we would take a look. However, after going quite a distance back into the middle of nowhere, we found out you had to walk a trail to them. The trail did not indicate how long it was. I walked a little way and never saw them and the trail was marked as being closed at that point. We decided to give up on Cascade Falls and continued on to the motorhome.

Decided to do laundry today. Such a domestic task.

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