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Inside St. Patrick's Cathedral

Rockefeller Plaza

Studio 1A - We watched Matt, Meredith and Ann Curry through the...

NYPD Mounted Officers at Rockefeller Plaza

Statue of Prometeus and ice rink at Rockefeller Plaza

Egyptian temple carvings at the Met

Ming Dynasty ceramic figure

Darlene, at Central Park

Radio City Music Hall

CBS studios - Ed Sullivan Theatre - Late Night with David Letterman

World Trade Center ground-zero in the subway station

Design of "Freedom Tower" proposed to be 1776 feet tall - construction...

Work on the "Freedom Tower" foundation in the crater from the WTC

Proposed WTC transit center

Today was our day to learn about the city and public transportation. So, we got up fairly early and took the 'Light Rail" which we picked up about a block from our campsite, rode it down to the Jersey City finacial district, caught the PATH train (I think it stands for Port Authority Trains from Hell) under the Hudson river over to the World Trade Center site, caught the 'E-Train' subway uptown to the Rockefeller Center to watch a little of the Today Show (in the rain), caught a bus up 7th Ave to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, took a stroll through Central Park, bused back down to the theatre district, had some lunch, located our theatre for tomorrow, and caught the same rides home.

The PATH trains are large trains that mostly run short routes from the New Jersey side of the Hudson River to large stations on the NYC side where you can catch subways or buses through the town. The PATH station at the World Trade Center used to be right under the WTC, and now is in a temporary site next to the hole. A nice lady helped us buy a pass, locate the right trains and led us through to the subways on her way to work. Along the way she told us that she had been working at the WTC when the planes hit, had to relocate for 6 months, but now was in an office less than a block from the hole. Her summary was, "If you even act like you are scared, then they win!" It was pretty clear that this Jersey Girl would kick Osama's butt if she could catch him.

We got into the Rockefeller Center too late too see our old friend Martha Stewart who had been doing a "How to decorate for Halloween and Thanksgiving" demonstration, but we did get to watch Anne Curry read the news and Matt Lauer and Meredith Viera chatting and interviewing people about the California Wildfires through the window of "Studio 1A". Our trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art was just long enough to convince us that this is a must-see, but that it could take several days just to walk through the displays and a summer to actually stop and look things over and consider the beauty and artistic merit. We did cover most of a display of Egyptian temple objects called "Gifts to the Gods" that included funeral relics and statuary - there were some spectacular carvings and paintings. WE got through a small portion of the oriental and eastern art. Some of the Buddist temple carvings were incredibly detailed and beautiful. We were amazed at the work which might have represented years of a Buddist monk's life and also the preservation of artifacts that were many centuries old. Darlene wanted to see the exhibit of European paintings that, according to the brochure, included original Rembrandt and others of the Dutch masters. there were at least two dozen Rembrandt portraits plus landscapes by Vermeer and other names I had heard before. Besides the 16th and 17th century Dutch, there were some 18th and 19th century French realists that were pretty cool, but we hit "Museum Burnout" before we got all the way through and didn't get to more than 20% of the museum. This is something to do over several days I think.

We did locate the theatre district, and the Neil Simon Theater where we are going to see "Hairspray" performed tomorrow evening, and figured out the train routes and located a couple of places to try for dinner.

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