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We left the Seychelles in the late afternoon, diverted around some thunderstorm activity over the Indian Ocean, and were on our way to Mumbai, which was formerly known as Bombay.

It was monsoon season in India and we had only sketchy information about the current weather. The only radio communication in this part of the world is HF radio and it was basically worthless.

We were alone out here, over the ocean, at night, flying along in smooth air at 45,000'.

Needless to say, it was pouring rain when we landed in Mumbai. The ILS approach was precise and we were at last on the ground again, although our eyes felt full of sand and our bodies were ready for a soft bed.

It took four and a half hours to get out of the airport, due to immigration and customs, and my lack of a visa. The company had assured me that everything was taken care of and there would be no problem. They said I would be issued a temporary visa, which was what they did. I just wasn't told that this process would take all night and that my USA passport would be confiscated by the govt of India.

When I was told that I could only stay in India for 72 hours, that was music to my ears.

I was ready to get on a commercial flight and get out of there at that moment, but I ended up staying for awhile.

It poured rain for the entire time I was in this country.

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