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We waited all day at the airport, for our passengers to show up. The flight attendant called and was ill, so no flight attendant for this flight. Company called about 4 PM and informed us that our passengers would meet us in Zambia. We are requested to position the aircraft to Lusaka, Zambia.

Finally departed London at about 4:30 PM. Flew pretty much over Normandy coast of France, across Barcelona, Spain. and across the coast of Algeria to Kano, Nigeria, where we stopped for fuel. It was nearly midnight when we landed for fuel, but the different time zones have me confused and I only use GMT for everything.

The fuel stop took quite awhile, with machine gun toting people surrounding the aircraft all the time we were there. I did a quick walk around to check the aircraft before we closed the door and got ready to go. That was a good thing because the fueling guy had left the fuel cap off the side. We have single point fueling but that fuel cap would have done hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of damage if it went through an engine.

We have to be very careful.

Lots of thunderstorms in the area and we have thick layers of clouds to climb through with the anti-ice systems on. That robs us of some power and it took quite awhile for the heavy aircraft to get on top, finally, at 41,000 feet.

Off we go in the middle of the night.

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