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we've spent the last several days on ilha do mel, honey island, which i heard about from the university folks in BH as having some interesting features relating to housing and community. the island is a forty minute ride from the mainland and most of it is a nature preserve. the two main settlements, brasilia and encantadas, rest on isthmuses on opposite ends of the island. the houses are low and wooden with raked sand lawns and trees all around. there are no cars, just sand tracks between the houses and lots of bikes. looking down from the hills that rise on either side of the isthmus you can hardly see the houses but for little pieces of bright color showing through the trees.

we had a good time camping in a families front yard, talking to the locals, taking long walks down basically empty huge sand beaches. all just a bit hurt by our pretty nasty colds which are only now getting better. i do have a weakness for islands. it also rained every day and most nights pretty enthusiastically, sort of like the love child of lopez island and the rain of conway. we did'nt let it get in our way. and the tent stayed dry! tents that dont are pretty miserable just ask my erstwhile traveling companion maria evola.

we are now back in curitiba which lies on a high plain above the mountains we could see from the island, the ones that caused all the rain most likely. but it seems pretty rainy here too, and also rather cold which makes me feel cozy. we're staying with another couch surfing person tonight and then trying to get ahold of community curitiba. which is a possibly rather nutsy religious group which is nonetheless doing interesting things with housing which i am going to go learn about first hand. if i never post another entry it may be because james has been married to the cult leader and i'm off being reconditioned in a potato field.

more later -ak

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