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Yesterday I slept a bit late(past 8) and Bon,Jake,&Mari had been discussing the day ahead...since we were scheduled not leave til 8 pm what to do all day, no one was interested in anything in Agadir much, and contemplating the arrival in Dakhla at 6 pm was not a good prospect for finding lodging and locating transport further south...

Off we went to the ticket office and in no time at all changed our tickets to leave at 10am!

A fine breakfast at the local pattissarie and gathering our stuff we headed to the bus stop...bus a bit late, 1045 but on our way...stop for lunch 115 went over some "mtn" passes into some flat to rolling desolate rocky hills and valleys. By 5 pm entered the Western Sahara proper, flat,flat,flat inland and to the west the Atlantic, very strange watching the sun set over the Atlantic!

During the nite we stopped for a fine fish dinner(Mari & Bon ate some too), and at least six times we were awakened by the police to check our passports! Difficult sleeping anyway, but six times "Occupation, where you going...?" we were of course the only ones travelling on the bus who needed to be asked and each time it delayed the bus a minimum of 15 minutes while they took our passports somewhere and did something, hmm.

Arrived in Dakhla about 730, it was foggy/damp, bumped into a Spanish computer programmer and a German fellow heading S. into Mauritania! They informed us that this guy at the Sahara Hotel had been recommended to arrange transport S and they were leaving at 9am. We went to a Spanish restaurant for omellets

tea/coffee and bread. Checked into Sahara Hotel around the corner, and spoke to the fellow,"Chofic" from Casablance who explained to us the transport across the border...we leave tomor am at 4~! Hamid is the driver and not to worry...

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