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Eucaliptus and FLATS Land

Transport Center Out Hotel Window

Looking From the Ground Level, Big Pink Building Was Our Hotel #775

The Beach...Far Left Side Note Nudie Tourist!! Talk About Inappropriate! #768

Better Shot of Inappropriateness! #769

How About a Closeup!

Jake in Order Mode

Street Scene

Flat, flat, FLAT...dry,dry,DRY...lots of eucalyptus once recommended by western "experts" in plots for fast wood growth, except they suck water and unless you have a bunch of koala around the fodder is worthless!

Also, lots of dead/dying olive groves...Along the coast N. & S. of Agadir argan trees(Argania spinosa) slow grow, similar to olive, unique to Morocco, very heat resistant(can survive 50 C.)-for centuries has provided firewood for Berbers and fodder for goats(they even can climb the trees). Oil from nuts the Berber women collect from goat dung(goats digestive system dissolves the tough coat on the shell), they split the nuts, roast them,pulp,and get one liter of oil takes women 15 hours of hard labor. Berbers have used it to heal scars and treat rheumatism. Now found to be low in cholesterol and prevents high in vitamin E it makes a fine anti-wrinkle cream for Euro women, not cheap tho!

From LP: Agadir, boom bust town founded in 15th century by Portuguese traders it became prosperous from export of sugar, cotton, and salt petre. This ended when Sultan Sidi Mohammed diverted trade N. to Essaouira. French colonisation brought some prosperity back til 29 Feb 1960 earthquake devastated town and killed 18,000 +. Unable to disinter bodies, the authorities buried town and all, forming a mound called "Old Talborjt" N. of the modern Agadir...since has developed a lucrative fish port one of largest sardine catches in the world, plus beach resorts, & luxury marina complex.

Inzegane S. of Agadir is the transport hub of the S., tons of tourists flock beaches in Agadir so once we checked in to the Hotel Louz right across from bus station the wonderful Moroccan gal at the desk who spoke great English(we struggle mightily with French) sent us off to the local restaurant for a great tazine(crockery cooked dish of whatever you like...couscous, chicken, vegie...). Then off to Agadir by taxi to the Supratour office, book tickets for 8 pm tomor to Dakhla, and then to the beach to watch the locals watch the Euros who parade in bikinis - we even saw a topless gal, talk about total disregard for local culture, no wonder they think us westerners are heathens!

Jake checked out the kite guy to come back tomor and get a lesson and we did a bit of body surfing...

Next day we headed S. to Souss-Massa Natl Park a 57 Km cheap bus trip to nowhere since the LP was not clear on its instructions and we failed to heed the advise of the busdriver and grab a taxi. An hour later we found ourselves on the other side of the valley, hot, dry, and a bit exhausted to say the least...we headed back the way we came, got into our hotel about 330 and I showered, took some aspirin, and slept til Jake returned. He had a great time kiting and body surfing all day!!!! Just what I wanted to hear but after a supper of cooked cold potato and carrot salad, french fries, and a quarter chicken I felt much better...

Retiring to the room to play hearts and shithead, mistake...dang that Jake again!

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