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Sunrise at Llano Grande

Ed's famous penne pasta sauce started

Mushrooms are added

Ready to pour over pasta and enjoy

Yesterday it was plenty cool inside the RV when we awoke. I turned on the fireplace and it was soon nice and toasty as we sat indoors for our morning coffee.

We had the windows and the door open all day yesterday and the weather was simply magnificent all day.

Marilyn and I took a walk to the Rec Hall, Gym, and Library, then returned to the RV.

We decided to go play some tennis on the new court here in the north side. We have only tried to play tennis once before but we think it will be good excercise for us. We had a good time and managed to keep the tennis balls inside the enclosure. :)

In the afternoon, Marilyn did some beading while I cooked dinner. I fixed "Ed's famous penne pasta". We had the pasta with a glass of wine for dinner, and had plenty of sauce left over to put in the freezer for later.

We watched a little TV before going off to bed to read for awhile.

We slept with the windows open again and when I awoke this morning, it was COLD in here!

I looked at our indoor temp gauge and it showed 55 degrees. OK, no fireplace for this job. It is time to turn the furnace on! :)

It is pretty comfy in here now. It has to reach a certain temp or "you know who" won't get out of bed. :) She stays under the covers until it gets warm and then she will get up and put the coffee on.

I wanted to thank you folks once again for all of the nice comments and kind words you sent our way. It appears that most of you heard about us in one of three ways. Howard & Linda's "rv-dreams.com" and "hitchitch.com" being the most frequently mentioned web sites.

Marilyn and I follow several other web blogs on a daily basis also. We read Howard & Linda, Tony & Jackie, Fred & Jo, Kit & Jerry, and also one that you may not be familiar with, called Rau's Ramblings. Our friend Gina and her husband Stephan are younger than most full-timers. They travel with their son, Wagner, and do home schooling.

They are interested in communicating with any other full-timers who are home schooling. You may find Gina's site at: http://goodsamclub.mytripjournal.com/raus

Give that a shot, as they travel all over the country. They are a wonderful couple and Wagner is getting a great education.

Well, back to the Llano Grande adventures. They mowed the grass yesterday and everything looks so nice around here. We are waiting for all of the grapefruit and oranges to ripen and for the avacados to be ready to eat. We may have to get our friends, John & Carol, to go over to Mexico with us. They told us about a place called "Red Snapper" where they have super good sea food and wonderful margaritas. OK, we're ready to go.

I have a few pictures to post for you this morning and then I have to get busy and answer the e-mails. I was nearly caught up a few days ago but have fallen behind once again.

It is cozy enough in here that Marilyn is now up and at 'em with coffee on, so I had better get the pictures posted for you and get started on the day. All I know for sure is that it is going to be a good day and I can't wait to see what this day has in store.....

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