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Our room on the boat

View of pagoda from the Yangtze

View ahead from the Yangtze

Sunset on the Yangtze

After arriving in Yichang we had dinner and then boarded the boat. The boat are traveling on is called 'Yangtze No. 1' and is brand new, it only started running last year. It was very impressive when we arrived, we were given hot towels and tea and all our luggage was brought on for us, very posh. The only problem was that, when we arrived at our room it was a standard room although we thought we had booked a deluxe room with the tour company. This would not have been a problem except that standard rooms on this ship are the size of a box room with two single beds and that's about it.

At this stage Samantha still felt like crap and I had been waiting for this trip on the Yangtze for about 7 years so one upgrade later, at a cost that I don't want to think about, we had a beautiful room with a large private balcony so we could really relax and enjoy this trip.

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