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Gibraltar: The Rock!

Gibraltar: Sunrise from our room

Gibraltar: Maaan, what a night!

Gibraltar: Don't fall! It's a looooooong way down!

Gibraltar: Tell me you don't see the resemblance

Gibraltar: Cheeky monkey!

Ah... warmer temperatures!!! Seems the snow followed us for the first bit of our trip (had snow in Luton) and we finally eluded it here in the Med.

Spent the day wandering the narrow alleyways. The streets in town are all brick, with carefully manicured trees that look like topiaries.

We made our way up to the fort on the top of the rock and were accosted by monkeys!! yup, monkeys! They climbed all over the van as we made our way up the hill, then one even managed to open the sliding door of the van, climb in, and grab the driver's bag of pasta in the trunk. Sneaky little suckers!

All bear a resemblance to Nigel, of course! ;)

Caught our first glimpse of Africa today from the top of the rock. The Moroccan coastline is really close by. The closest town on the Moroccan coast we could see is Ceueta, which is actually a Spanish territory. We could see buildings and such in that town from our binoculars.

Off to Morocco tomorrow.

Till the next internet cafe!!! ;)

PS: sorry there haven't been any photos posted yet --no opportunity to upload yet.

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