Ricardo's Italian Adventure 2005 travel blog

Once again we hit a destination and do a few laps trying to find our way - the GPS really does work but it can get a bit confused sometimes but together we work it out.

I am driving around trying to get to the hotel and am told to make a left turn into a sea of people - I mean a sea of people - woops !. Is this a mall or something ? - turns out no but just what people do in Modena - walk around in the late arvo in the streets of the shopping district. I plough through and eventually find my hotel - then I have to find a park - same old thing in each town - there are none but I get lucky as I always seem to get.

Hit the hotel and it's quite nice - another Lonely Plante guidebook recommendation. I get to the room and open the shutters and window to see a great shot of the military barracks over the old rooftops of the terrace houses - real story book stuff - I promise I will put photos up soon.

I go for a wander around the streets and find Modena a really nice place - thousands of people walking the streets and promenades arm in arm just passing time - there should be more of this back home.

I seem to getting more enjoyment from just walking the streets of the places I visit than going to all the monuments and things.

Off to bed dreaming about all things Ferrari and of course my girls back home.


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