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Ciao Ciao,

We are writing you now from Naples as we have arrived from our three day stay in the coastal town of Salerno. We were staying with a Canadian Lady named Dianne who rents out her place to travellers at an affordable rate to really experience authentic Italy. What we somehow missed was that she lives in the apartment with you. Real authentic. It wouldn't have been the end of the world if she didn't share alot of personal information, her dog didn't smell so bad, and she had hot water. It made for alot of funny jokes and laughs because it was so bad. Marc, it was like out trip to visit Frank.

The town itself was really nice and it was a nice break from the running around with Nona in pesaro. We did a day trip to Pompei and tried to go to Positano, but Diane told us the wrong time for the ferry so that got scratched. We made the most of it and walked all over Salerno visiting local historic sites etc. etc. We had committed three nights to Diane before coming over so we couldn't bail but decided to leave yesterday and head for naples. It was our first day of rain and crappy weather but we still got out and about with the time we had yesterday aft.

We head from here tomorrow to Rome to meet up with our friends Mark and Trish as we head north in Italy.

Hope everyone is well. Lara is begging me to ask about the Senators and how they are doing, so please let us know... We aren't attaching pictures to this one because we can't speak italian and figure it out. The link posted below will take you to our first gallery from the first week. Hope you enjoy.


p.s. we will be updating this likely once a week or whenever we can get enough time!

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