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Our first Australian Home

View from our new Nest

Our dining room overlooking the beach...wow

We found our new nest. It is a house, overlooking the water. Townsville is quite interesting in its rental house venue. Lots of small un-air-conditioned apartments. Some homes but they are few and far between that are up to the standards we have all become accustom to in the good old USA. We were very lucky and just ran into a great one, doesn't happen often here, I am told, so we grabbed it. If you have ever been to Miami Beach, seen the 50 and 60 style homes there, that is what it looks like on the outside. Has a great view, it sits across the street from the water. In Australia the beach is public and no one can build on it, it is for the use of the people so homes are built across the road from the beach. It is two stories with a "ship watch" on top. You will see from the pictures what a ship watch is, and we are definitely going to watch the ships.

The realtors here are a different breed from the ones in the States. There is no MLS system, they all work independently, and most of them work independently of each other in their own office. So to find a home you must contact each one and hope you can find what you are looking for. If the home is vacant you must go get the keys, give them a deposit and go hunting for the house and find your own way in, then take the keys back to them. They work strictly by ads in the paper and the listings are posted in each office, so its; read the ads and physically go to the offices, and there is a bunch of them too, ads and offices. Most of them are very friendly and helpful but do not leave there offices. I happen to run into my kind of Realtor. Older lady, very helpful and actually showed us the home. Lynn is her name and boy is she a go-getter. Been here forever, knows everyone, and is even going to help me shop for appliances. By the way, appliances are not included in rental houses here. Most of the homes here have pools and this one does also. The weather right now, in the dead of winter, is highs in the low 80's low at night in the mid 60's. They think it is cold. There is no heat in the homes and most do not have central air. The sea breeze here is so neat that you really just need the air in the bedrooms and that is what nearly all have. This is the big Tourist season here; people from Sydney and Melbourne are coming here to escape the cold. Sort of like our Snow Birds in Florida. It is actually cold there and is snowing in some of the mountain areas now. The home we were lucky enough to find, is so unique that I must show you with pictures, rather than try to tell you about it. I will be able to do that very thing in a week or so and at that time will tell you the rest of the story in pictures.

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