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View from Townsville Hotel Room

We awoke, refreshed to a beautiful day of sun and balmy weather. We feel great, sleeping is the answer to jet lag... no worries for us, we have beat the beast.

It is 5 AM and the day is breaking over the Coral Sea and a large island off the coast, There is a few sail boats bobbing in a cove just under our Hotel window (the 18th floor) and the mist is beginning to clear. We stare in awe; we cannot take ourselves away from the window. Rick and I just stand there hugging and laughing, it is so breathtaking. Rick orders coffee from room service for two with cream and sugar. This is the first in a long list of items we must learn. The Australian people are very literal. Our coffee arrived, and it is wonderful coffee, rich, dark blend, but the cream that Rick ordered is to us HEAVY Cream the kind we whip, Rick cannot pore it from the container..... We have a big laugh and get the milk from the mini bar.... One of the first things we found is that the coffee here is outstanding. So we sat in front of the window, watched the sun rise and sipped our coffee. We are in Paradise.

We walked down to the hotel lobby and wandered around for a while looking at the sights and sounds, chatting with people and making ourselves familiar with the area. The staff in the hotel is most charming and accommodating. Customer service is alive and well in Australia. Since our body clocks are off, we are ready to eat but the rest of the world is asleep, we set by the pool and giggle like a couple of teenagers marveling at how lucky we are to be here and to be here together. Finally the hotel restaurant opens and we walk into an enormous breakfast buffet. We wander up and down looking at the foods. Some we recognize and some we do not. The pastries and breads are courser than ours at home; they have some many different fresh fruits out that I cannot choose, some of them I have never seen before. Then we go to interesting sausage, do not know what it is but it is good. Baked beans, several kinds of potatoes and eggs done any way you want. Bacon, ham, pancakes etc. I could keep going but the idea is the food is different tasting some good and some not to us but we have a lot of fun trying it out.

Now it is time for Rick to go off to work with the person he is replacing, Dave comes by and picks him up, marveling at the fact that we are not jet lagged and in bed. Rick goes off to work, I return to the room, set by the window. I take care of trying to find clothes in this mountain of luggage and sort through the maze. At almost noon the BEAST returns, JL is back, Rick returns and staggers into the room, eyes glazed over. I can barely keep my eyes open... back to bed for a long, long nap.

The attached picture is what we saw from our hotel room and the pool area. Now you will know why we think we are in paradise.

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