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Roof top whale watch- "Coral Sea View"

The big day has finally arrived. We are moving into our new nest. We picked up the key from the Realtor on Sunday evening and bright and early Monday morning we are ready to move into our Aussie home. Butterflies awaken us at o dawn thirty, and we assemble the suitcases, and large boxes we have accumulated in our hotel room. We call the porter to come assist us and with a smile on his face he piles all our stuff on his trolley. There is no tipping in Australia so this wonderful young man had lugged our massive amounts of luggage up to our room when we arrived and now must lug it back to our cars. We felt sorry for him and did tip him. It is only allowed here if an exceptional service was preformed and one slender boy carrying all those suitcases was an exceptional service. We came to Oz with nine big suitcases on the plane having stored all our USA furniture so we did some power shopping and found the bare essentials that are now to be delivered.

I have scheduled the utilities to be turned on and several different furniture and appliance stores are suppose to deliver furniture and appliances. What are the odds of all this happening so we can spend the night? Well apparently 100% because it did. All the utilities were turned on before 8 AM including the phone. We had four different stores scheduled to deliver furniture and they all showed up. We had a few minor snags, such as the refrigerator not fitting through the door way, but "no worries" the store sent a service technician "straight away" to take the doors off and set up the frig. No charge..... Amazing. Another store did not bring all the chairs that we bought, again "no worries" the driver went back to the store picked up the chairs and brought them to us. By four o clock all our new stuff is in the house. We are a sea in a mass of boxes and paper. There is only one thing to do, go up to the ship watch pour a glass of wine and watch the clouds over the Coral Sea turn pink with the sunset. Every room in the house looks out to the sea; the entire house is open and has a wonderful sea breeze blowing through. It is winter here and it is about 75 degrees and perfect. Our house is very unique and has a large indoor plant area as you come in the front door. There is a wood walkway over the plants that lead to the rest of the house and up a spiral staircase to the second floor. I have never seen a home quite like this one, but I have never been to Oz before either. The house has no heat (doesn't need it) and it has high windows with screened enclosures at the top that do not close. To top it all off we have orchards growing in our front yard. I am sending pictures with this story but it is not possible to see the house as it truly is, of course it has its flaws, I am sure, and as soon as I find one, I will let you know. Possibly the pool is too cool to swim in at the moment............ Oh, by the way, I have four bedrooms, so Brown's Bed and Breakfast is open for business, come see us............... to be continued

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