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Another day in paradise. We have signed the lease, paid the deposit and are almost ready to move in to our new nest. The Australians are a wonderful trusting people; the realtor saved the home for us without a deposit until we received approval from our corporate office, amazing. A handshake still works here. Then I started to go about getting the utilities turned on, in our new home. Well you know what a hassle it is in the good old USA, was I in for a surprise. You do not have as many choices here regarding cable, Internet and the such (I'm beginning to sound Aussie), but no worries when you come here to reside. I called the electric company and ask them to turn on my electricity, as I was new to their lovely country. The sweet little gal on the phone said "No Worries, we can organize that for you." I said where do I have to go to give you a deposit, she said "NO WORRIES" we will bill you for the deposit. When I ask the realtor whom I called to have the water turned on, she laughed and told me it was a free service here. And so my day began, and ended with all the utilities turned on with No Worries, no hassles, and most of all I never left the hotel room. I called the wrong company for cable, they did not service the area I wanted and the young man went on the Internet, found out who the cable company was, and gave me the phone number. Customer service is alive and well in Australia, it may be slow and laid back but they will help you completely. So off I have been going, nearly every day to shop for feathers for the new nest. By the way I have a car now and have become proficient at driving on the left side of the road. So the only real problem I have is in the car park (parking lot), I keep pulling out of the space into the wrong lane. Not to worry I am quickly told by the other drivers to move over. The stores here are like ours and not like ours. There is a K Mart store here, but they do not carry any drug store items or groceries, like the US stores, you must go to the Chemists for the drug items and Food stores for the groceries. I have had to ask several clerks in the stores to tell me what certain item's label means. I am uncertain of their terms. So today I am looking at the bedding, I am in the "Manchester"(bedding for all you non Australians) department of the store, and I am looking at a bed valance. Ok, what is a bed valance? So I walk up to this pleasant looking young man with a K Mart tag on and ask if he could help me as I did not understand the Australian terms yet. He laughed and said he would try but he had only been here four months, I noticed the lack of Aussie accent. He said he was from Texas...... can you imagine my surprise, then two other clerks started teasing him and me regarding which state was the best. Well we had some fun and I found out the valance is a dust ruffle. Lots of American items here in the store, and some interesting things we do not have in the States. There are meat markets and fresh fruit stores, no big huge super markets, but nice sized ones a little smaller than say our average store. No big mega stores with everything but the kitchen sink in them, just lots of smaller specialty stores with wonderful helpful people in them. There are some draw backs to living here, I am sure, and as soon as I find them I will let you know......

To be continued.

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