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My first trip to the grocery store was an awesome event. The grocery is in a shopping center; we would call it a mall. I am told by those in the know that I should try shopping at Woolies, it is a good store. Well Woolies is Woolworths, not the one we know but a grocery store. I finally find a parking spot in the "Car Park" and proceed up the escalator to the mall, there I find Woolies. Looks pretty much like our stores so I grab a "trolley" and go into the world of OZ. First stop is the bakery, oh my, what can I say. The fresh baked breads the size of two regular loaves of bread, and what kind should I buy. Well to start with, they have exotic names, such as whole broad or white box, or maybe a multi wheat butter giant loaf. I chat with the helpful clerk and she very patiently explains to me what each bread is, and I do not understand a word, but they all sound great so I act like I know what she said and ask for a long frenchie, which is the only one I recognize.....I also buy another that I still do not know what it is, but it smells wonderful.

It is off to the produce department; well this is really a treat. I have never seen so many fruits in one place, I do not know what they are, the names sound vaguely familiar but I have never seen a Chocolate pudding fruit or a persimmon the size of an orange. The fruits go on forever and I am wondering up and down the aisle with my mouth open. There was a young woman picking up a giant head of lettuce and I ask her how you might use this strange apple I found that looked like a brown grapefruit on steroids. She said it was wonderful and I should try it in a fruit smoothie. Well I did and she was right....The vegetables are even more plentiful and I am looking at potatoes, not an Idaho in sight. I just close my eyes and pick one. Picked up the biggest carrots I have ever seen and I am an old farm girl from Indiana. Then I chatted with a couple that obviously knew what they were doing and they assisted me in my quest for ripe pineapples. What a nice couple they were, and so helpful. The Pineapple was so cheap I thought there must be something wrong with them but then I am told they grow right here so "no worries"

Well the meat department was my next stop and wow, was it ever a stop. I called Rick on the cell phone and said, how do you feel about eating squid. He didn't feel like squid, so we went on to the leg ham, the streaky bacon, the on and on. Needless to say, I just closed my eyes picked some interesting meat that I thought looked familiar and went on. Yes you can buy, squid, octopus, reef bugs, shrimp the size of lobster, lots of lamb and the best beef I have ever eaten. You ask what a reef bug is, well it is sort of a crab only it's as big as a lobster. I brought all of this home and guess what. It is good stuff, different, interesting, and I still do not know what I am eating most of the time but it is good. I haven't eaten Kangaroo or Emu yet, but I am told it is very good.

When I see it on the menu I will try it also, as for the squid, I believe I will leave that up to the hard core to eat, much to slimy for me. But the rest of the seafood, such as reef trout, caught right out our front door by my neighbor with a spear gun, is outstanding. The best fish I have eaten here is Barramundi, which is somewhat like grouper, a Florida fish, and it is great. You can go fishing and catch them but if you catch one less than 2 feet long you have to throw it back, too small. Go figure. Got to run, and make a fruit smoothie with my Chocolate pudding fruit. Yummy......

To be continued

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