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Incredible little steam, icey cold.

Had to take the shoes off

OK so we both had to take the shoes off

The Coral Sea thru the trees from the top of the mountain

Tis the Queens Birthday on Monday don't you know, so Rick has a three day weekend. Saturday, I drive around while Rick navigates and we look for houses. No luck finding a new nest for now. And I did not have a crash as they say, so he gives me my solo license. Sunday no one works here, all the shops are closed everyone picnics, sails, swims etc. So on Sunday we go off on our first little day trip. Townsville, is in what is known as the Dry tropics, and not far from us, less than 45 minutes is a mountain range that is the beginning of the wet tropics. We drive out of Townsville, and almost immediately we are in very dry looking very sparse vegetation, looks like the pictures of the out back we have seen but we are only a few minutes out of town. We see big signs that say Kangaroo crossing, similar to our Deer crossing signs, pictures of the Kangaroo and all. Amazed, we start looking for kangaroos, not knowing at the time that they are usually seen early evening or early morning. On we drive, little traffic on a road that could have been anywhere in the USA, except we are driving on the left. We arrive at the turn off to the Paluma Mountain range and there we see the fields of sugar cane growing with the mountains in the distance. I have never seen sugar cane, but we pass on through and start up the mountain on a very curvy twisty road that is just wide enough for two cars, most of the time. I am astounded at the beauty of what I see. Just a few minutes from the Coral Sea is this incredible mountain range. As we go up we can see the Sea off in the distance. Then we enter the dense foliage of the rain forest. As we climb we go into the clouds and all is still and wondrous. It is early and we see very few people or pass very few cars, thank goodness the road is so narrow we can barely pass. Half way up we stop at a little park mear a river and waterfall that we found and stood atop. We wander around over the rocks, some great Aussie travelers take our picture for us and we marvel in it all. The water is a spring and it is so clear you can see several feet down to the bottom of the pool. The water is also very cold, you can swim in it if you wish but we pass because the air is cool to us now and no swim suites.

We decide to continue our climb. The Australians call their country OZ, and I am beginning to understand why, anyone who can possibly go to OZ needs to do so, even for a brief time the wonder of it all is worth the trip. Up to the top we climb until we come to another little rest area with a small fish and chips shop the name of the shop is Heaven,so we are in Heaven. You can hike here, camp, picnic, etc. but very few people are here and it is outstanding. Not like our parks in the USA where there is so many people you can hardly park, this is remote and wonderful, we pick up a conversation with an Aussie couple who are on holiday (that's what they call it "On holiday") We have a great time with them and exchange phone numbers, as they have just moved to Townsville from Sydney. We are planning to have dinner with them soon, although they call it evening tea. We see so many new things in the rain forest we cannot describe them all. Rick is doing great driving and we start down the long winding road. We can hardly drive down because we have to stop so much and look at things and take pictures. We see some sort of bird that looks like a cross between a chicken and a turkey, so we call it a churkey...and have a big laugh. Sunday was a very good day. We go back to Tville and stop at a little pub on the river for a little libation before heading back to the hotel. We recount our trip and laugh over all the wonderful and incredible scenes we saw.

The saga continues with our next trip.

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