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What a climb to the beautiful Bay,

The Moke--great transportation

Worth the Climb--Deserted bay.

Such a beautiful beach--not a soul in sight

Saturday morning bright and early we set off for this great adventure. Down to the Ferry Boat, which you can take your car also if you want, but we opted not to this time. It is about a 20-minute boat ride to "Maggie" where you land on the only dock on the island. The cove that you come into is magnificent but you don't know at this time what awaits you. Rick has the backpack and paces up and down the ferry as we cruise over, going from front to back so he will not miss anything; the view from both angles is outstanding. Off the ferry and a short walk to several little shops selling souvenirs and assorted other stuff and then to the "Moke" rental, where we rent a moke to travel around the island. Rick barely fits into the Moke as they are rather small, but it is like riding around in a large go-cart with a canopy over it. Standard shift of course, which isn't easy because as we find out the island is full of small and large hills, which the only road winds around with spectacular views all over. As we manage to get to the other end of the island and a great beach, park, and walking area, we also notice the lack of people.

In the States this would be packed and this is their tourist season because right now the weather is almost perfect. It has lots of sailboats and a great sandy beach but few people. Australia has so many great beaches, islands, etc that none of them are crowded. We unfurl from the moke and start walking to the beach. Rick has his first encounter with the topless bathers here, and I thought he was going to pop his eyeballs. Yes, the beaches and pools are topless, if you choose to do so, but when you get to be my age, it's best to leave as many clothes on as possible. You can rent a sailboat, motorboat, sea kayak, or about anything else you want to have fun in the water. We had not planned anything, we were just looking to see what was there so we did not do any of the above for now, next time it is sailing and snorkeling for sure. We had "breakie" (breakfast) at a local eatery which was also a "Hostel" for the backpackers here, now that is a whole new story which I will tell at another time. After filling up our tummies we go for a stroll down the beach. As we walk of course we talk to people and one couple told us about this great cove that we could hike to "just over that hill". We thought what a great idea, so off we went to do "a little hiking". We find the sign that was almost hidden and start on a gentle incline up the hill, the gentle incline turned into steep rocky steps, and the path from hell wound around the hill and through the foliage. We decided we had to do this because the couple said it was well worth the hike, we trudged on. 800 meters later, over boulders, tree trucks almost straight up, we were on top with another 800 meters to go to get to the other side. 800 meters is about ½ mile, but this was almost straight up. The forest is so dense we can not see the water but we can hear it, we know it is close, sure it is.........Now we know how out of shape the Browns are but we are determined. Down the other side, again, rocks, trees and a sandy path, but it is so quiet and peaceful, cool in the shade, birds everywhere. Finally we see it....... The Cove, it looks like something out of a movie. Gentle water lapping the enormous sandy beach. Rocks jutting out to the sea, a couple of people that have come in by boat are picnicking, and the water is blue, blue, blue. The breeze is blowing and the gentle surf is licking the sand, this is like finding your own deserted island. The picnickers leave and we are alone, we feel like we have been picked up and dropped in another world. The quiet, the clear blue sky, we set in awe. Besides on TV I have never seen anything like it. I am told the whole area is full of small islands that are like this. We are going to explore as many as we can. We are elated that we made the climb and we are still breathing, breathing hard, but breathing. The thought that we have to climb out of here doesn't enter our minds at this time because of the sight we are seeing. We relax and roam around, climb up some rocks, just soak it all in. Then we must go back to the other side of the island.......Uh Oh! 800 meters up, 800 meters down. We are game and set out to climb back. WOW we did it, we made it, the helicopter rescuer guys did not have to come get us. We vow to come back and explore more of the island because there are trails all over it, only one road, that goes up one side, if you want to see the other side you have to hike.... We are ready, the scenery is so great, we have to do it. Back on the other side, we rejuvenate ourselves at the local café, outside under the sunshade and then find the moke to wonder around some more. We stop at a little beach "Hostel/Pub/ Café/Pool/surfboardrental" Rick decides the hammock hanging on the beach is the place for him and he sacks out right there on the beach. I have a Mango Smoothie and chat with the Backpackers that come in and see where they have been and where are the best trails. We head back to catch the ferry to Townsville, and turn in the "Moke". By the way, there is a smaller one called a "Mini Moke" very small people have to rent them.. This is our first Hiking adventure and we loved it. The very fact that we made it was great, then the views and the interesting path was worth the exertion. We have found a new way to travel around the island and we are going back to find more hidden coves, blue water and interesting little cafes. I took so many pictures I practically burned up the camera. I can't send them all, but I will send some of the best ones so you can see what we saw. This adventure was the best yet, and now on to other islands as soon as we take our sailing course, next week, we will be off to explore the several hundred islands just off our coast. COME AND JOIN US!!!!!!!!!!

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