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I left the house about 8 AM for a walk on "my beach". I call it my beach because it is right across the street and usually there is no one there but me. The air is crisp and clean, the sky is a beautiful blue with just a hint of clouds over Magnetic Island. A little wind is stirring the palms and banyon trees as I cross the street and walk to a "beach access" site. Little steps that have been laid in the sand to assist you in getting to the beach. The tide has left a high sand cliff and I jump down to the beach and slide my "bum" (AW) in the sand. I am going to put AW after all the little "Aussie words" that I have started to use. The beach is almost deserted this morning except for a woman walking her dog. The dog is chasing a ball into the gentle surf. She says a cheerful "G'day" (AW) and I respond the same. I start down the beach that stretches about 5 miles then goes around a cove and the beach is all rocks. The coconut palms have dropped some coconuts on the beach in the night or perhaps they have washed up with the tide from Japan, Java, or even Florida. As I walk I find all sorts of interesting shells, driftwood and odd pieces of coral. The sand is soft and squishy (that's an American term) and feels really good on my feet. The water is gently lapping the shore and is warm. Not warm enough to swim in but not uncomfortable to wade in. In the mornings, the tide is going out and there are very little waves or wind, by afternoon the tide will be out and the wind will come up. As the tide goes out it really goes out here, perhaps 7 ft drop, and it is said that the Aborigines use to walk to Magnetic Island when the tide was out. I can see that is possible but I am sure I do not want to do so myself. On down the beach I meet some people riding horses on the beach. What fun. A Para surfer is gearing up for the afternoon winds and has his surfboard ready with a parachute ready to pull him through the surf. Right now he is sunning on the sand and waxing the board. I noticed something interesting, there is no little birds darting in and out of the surf here, as there is in the States. A few sea gulls are around but I see no birds on the beach at all.

I start back to the house as the sun begins to really warm up. Of course I have on my sun hat and sun block. I am getting tanned and I haven't really even tried. I walked for perhaps 3 miles and saw 4 people, two dogs, and two horses. Wow, is that neat or what. I walk and think and just cruise, no worries. It is terrific.

Have a G'Day Mates.

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