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Eating world´s biggest hamburger (originally came without bread!)

Us in the raft on the river trying to paddle

Sister of guide - very relaxed on a horse

Lunch spot for horse ride

Headed back south a bit via an overnight stay in Esquel to cross over the border to Chile and stay in a little town called Futaleufu. The man at the border had a bit of fun with us. The bus from Esquel only went as far as the border, so we got our bags and walked from the argentinian border post to the chilean one. We figured that there must be a bus on the chilean side to meet the passengers. The chilean immigration official almost had a good laugh because he told us that not only was there no bus, but there was no taxis either and it was a 10km walk to the town. So we got ourselves prepared to leg down the dirt road for 10km, but thought we'd just double check with someone else and sure enough there was a bus! I'm thinking it's his standard joke - anything to relieve the boredom of stamping passports.

Futaleufu was beautiful, a little town tucked away in the mountains with apparently world class white water. I was a bit doubtful about going rafting because my travel insurance excluded cover, but i thought what the heck. Turned out to be an absolute blast. About 11 km of almost non-stop rapids down a beautiful green river in the middle of the mountains. Had loads of fun and didn't want it to stop.

Ended up going to the local disco on saturday night for our first dance in south america. Had dinner with some of the guys and a customer from white water rafting and then headed about 1 or 2 km down the road at about 1am to the disco. It was a old barn converted into a disco and it was big and it was empty when we arrived. Soon dancing though, especially after a pisco sour (famous chilean drink). About 2am a whole load of middle aged married couples turned up and hit the dance floor! Very funny, but had a great time. A few of the local lads tried to whisk us around the dance floor with limited success. Felt like a hopeless gringo trying to keep up with some of the dance moves.

Unfortunately had to get up quite early the next day. i went on a day long horse ride - well actually that was about 4 hours of riding and about 4 hours of lunching and resting .. no that was fishing .. by the lake and river. I was walking like a cowboy after that. Another beautiful day and got back at about 8.30pm to find that the mother of the horse riding business had baked us a very tasty raspberry cake. Couldn't turn down the offer of a second piece.

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