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Approaching Toronto

A sea of highway.

Our first site under the trees.

View from the front.

A Nuthatch appeared to welcome us a few minutes after we arrived.

So we moved to this site.

View from our front window.

Wednesday, we were up and away at 5:30 a.m. hoping to miss rush hour traffic. We had to go through Ottawa since we were camped east of Ottawa and we were heading west on highway 417. Traffic was light enough and we eventually went south on highway 416, as we were heading for highway 401. Our big dilemma was how far David could drive without getting his first morning cup of java! Two hours later, we finally came across a Tim Horton's on highway 401. Whew! That was cutting it close. We had breakfast then made a sandwich in the motor home so we could eat lunch on the go. That's the advantage of travelling with your house. Our next worry was driving through Toronto but although traffic was heavy, there were no slow downs. We were able to maintain our speed of 100 kms/h. But I can't imagine having to drive in that traffic every day.

We finally arrived at the Milton Heights Campground around 1:15 p.m. This is what the first site they gave us looked like.

It was nice if you like being surrounded by trees. I prefer being out in the open. Trees block out the sun and if I have to choose, I choose the sun over trees. Although without a tree, this little birdie might not have come to visit us.

Also our automatic satellite dish couldn't find the satellite through the trees although we thought there was enough sky between the trees that it should have. So we moved to this site in a different section that had hardly any trees.

For some reason, our dish still couldn't find the satellite and after trying four times, we finally gave up.

During the afternoon, we went into Milton to pick up something for supper. There is a new Loblaws Superstore and it has everything. It's really a super big store. I haven't seen one that big before. And this Superstore in Milton has special parking close to the door for Hybrid cars. Cool! We slid right in there with our Saturn Vue Hybrid. And... you have to bring your own bags. You can either buy those bags they sell for 99 cents or the green plastic boxes or you bring in your own containers. They do not provide ANY plastic bags. This is a very environment friendly store. We already have some of those recycled bags which we bought last Spring. We just have to remember to bring them in.

For our first day back on the road, it was a beautiful sunny Fall day. Once the sun was up, the day warmed up to about 19 C (66.2 F). Tomorrow we are heading to a campground near the town of Wyoming (near Sarnia). The weather forecast for tomorrow is for rain but still in the high 'teens.

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