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Manly Wharf

opening to sydney harbour

Me at the blue mountains

view of the mountains with the three sisters in the foreground

hi everybody, thanks for the e-mails it's nice to see people are reading my entries.

Well since I last posted I've moved to a hostel in coogee so i can be closer to the beach and to be honest sydney gets boring after a week or so. Coogee is a very quiet place compared to most beachside suburbs, which is fine by me as I don't like busy places as some well know. You also can't beat Coogee for the amount of good cheap food outlets it contains, even for me the worlds pickiest eater, so don't worry mum i'm being fed.

Another great place I've visited is Manly which has a brilliant 10km scenic walk, which I walked, with great views of the opening to sydney harbour. check the photos but if you ever find yourself here the views are much better with your own eyes just make sure your up for the walk.

Following on with the theme of awesome views I went on a fantastic tour of the Blue Mountains on Wednesday which is another place that is a must see destination if your in the region. The tour company i went with, Happy Coaches, are sound guys and lots of fun. When the guide and owner Ross picked me up he told me and the other backpackers that we'd got a free upgrade as he was doing a job for another tour company so he had put us with them. The other group where from hotels and had paid extra to see a wildlife park and more which I and the other backpackers got free so we had to keep quiet about it. It sounds dogy and was but I was more than happy because the extras where free. The wildlife park was cool, I got to stroke a koala, which is the laziest animal ever sleeping 20 odd hours a day, and feed (very mangy) kangaroos so not bad for a free trip. The Blue Mountains are simply amazing. They are part of the great dividing range which is a series of mountains that run from Cairns in the north all the way down to Melbourne in the south which is a couple of thousand km's away. The mountains are also a world heritage sight, like the barrier reef, so no one can touch them. The views are really cool and I have loads of photos to send home.

Anyway that's it for now thanks for reading and I'll blog again soon.

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