Tim Says Goodbye to Old "Friends" - Hello New Ones!

We took the delux bus! Wow, what a difference! Not just AC and movie, we had room to sleep - only 24 on the bus. We had blankets, they provided snack(bus stewardess no less!), drink + water, and a free meal to boot! The ride was very comfortable and if we had been awake like Jake was we could have had a morning wake up coffee or tea! Arrived in town at 6:30 am, went to Sawatdee Guesthouse and checked in, and then I picked up my new glasses - they gave me a watch as well, ha says Bon, proves you paid too much! Anyway, Bon and I headed to the dentist(where again I paid too much so forwent the 3 additional fillings, ha), where Bon is getting her bridgework done...more later

Next day...trying to get outa town is getting to be a drag, we are not able to book tickets like we thought, not much coming or going from Bangkok due to the tourist downturn so consequently it appears airlines have also cut back. Add to that the continued drop in the value of the dollar and prices are going up and up! Just waiting over the weekend we now are looking at another $15 or so more for each ticket. Jake is looking into freighter travel and will hope to meet us in Cairo, he isn't interested in India at all. Mari is stuck in Philippines so to speak, aparently having a great time so may not get back to Bangkok to catch a flight with us...time will tell what she does, and so it goes, our small group seems to be diminishing more!

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