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Cruise ship in Bar Harbor

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Rays of sunshine

Wednesday, October 10

Wednesday proved to be disappointing as we headed to Bar Harbor where two gigantic cruise ships were in port. The streets of this tiny village were filled with wall-to-wall tourists who looked like they were milling around in a trance. Making a hasty exit from this scene, we thought we would have lunch at the Jordan Pond House. However as we headed down the carriage road that leads to this restaurant that serves signature lobster stew and popovers, a low bridge (10 ft. 7 inches) prevented our 11 ft. van from going any farther! We managed to turn around in front of the bridge and head back hoping to find another route to lunch which we never were able to find. By now we were on the causeway out of Acadia and ready for "plan B" which was a return to Ocean Wood campground - a tried and true location that we had experienced a month ago on our way up to Canada. We have a wonderful view of the ocean in a spacious site with only one other camper around. On the way to Ocean Wood, we stopped at the Sullivan Smokehouse (no, not cigars or cigarettes) and stocked up on smoked salmon, scallops, and trout.

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