Nova Scotia Fall 2007 travel blog

Our last day in Canada at Murray Beach

Dressed for the beach

Testing the water. The water here is a bit warmer than the...

At Murray Beach

Our last camp in Canada

Watching sunset from the RV at dinner time

Boiling sky

Crossing the St John River heading back to USA

Customs at the border

Fall colors in Maine

Our camp at Acadia on Western Bay

Tom launches for a late afternoon paddle

Fishing and kayaking - it never gets better!

Brilliant evening sun

Sunset over Western Bay

An early morning paddle

Tuesday, Oct. 9

Tuesday brought us back into the United States where they confiscated our hamburger meat at the border because there is still concern over Mad Cow Disease. Otherwise the customs people were very courteous and welcomed us back home. Now we entered into a dilemma. We thought we would go directly to Freeport and LL Bean. However, there were just two many days before we could go the Audrey's on Friday, when they are not at work or school. So, we finally headed over to Acadia National Park, where we found a waterfront campsite right on the ocean, at a KOA. Tom immediately went kayaking and fishing! While he caught no fish, the evening waters of Western Bay were wonderful to paddle and the next morning they were flat calm.

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